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The Ties that Bind
by Issac Bolston

As we look back over our lives.
We find that our paths cross for a reason and nothing just happens. The peace and serenity of our essence bestowed
a mutual respect for each other that will last forever.
Tho the eternal seed planted deep within each of us
had nothing to do with superficial needs, the bond
of friendship remains.
let us let it be known to each of us that our differences
are the magnets that draw us together and our understanding
and respect for each other will bind us
together as friends forever.
So the time apart can in no way replace the times
we spent together and the memories of the past
Acceptance of the facts draws us one step
closer to true happiness and inner peace.
So let it be.
5 stars

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Poems that Rocked the Cradle

Great Book of Poetry

Bought it for both myself and my parents... Vulnerable and genuine material, recommend
— cnic (via Amazon)

Friends 55e6d44749 1920

Life Goes On
by Issac Bolston

As life moves us from one space and time to another.
We as a people develop a greater need for our fellow sisters and brothers.
There are times our present situation may be viewed as an end.
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The Incompatible Mind
by Issac Bolston

Oh how great the conflicts of the incompatible mind.
Oh how vastly different are their interpretations of the times.
Both claim to see things clearly as their own eyes can see.
Both claim their vision is the one that will set them free.
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