Poems that Rocked the Cradle

by Issac Bolston
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A Collection of Poetry on
Life and Living

On that journey toward happiness and inner peace, there are obstacles placed in one's path daily. Oftentimes one has to go inside oneself to remove the obstacles. The answers are not always outside the person but on the inside.

Poignant. Uplifting. Real.

About The Book

Issac Bolston, a poet and author, has completed his new book, Poems That Rocked the Cradle: a lovely poetry collection that reflects the author's quest to overcome obstacles within himself that keep him from achieving happiness and inner peace.

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Issac Bolston's new book is a thought-provoking read across pieces based on the author's reflections on life.

Readers can 
purchase Poems That Rocked the Cradle" at bookstores everywhere or online.

Covenant Books is an international Christian owned and operated publishing house based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Covenant Books specializes in all genres of work which appeal to the Christian market. 

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Poems that Rocked the Cradle
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30 pages

23 poems

Family poetry, spiritual poetry

Everyday life, relationships, love, life experience

Appropriate for all ages

Reading Level:
Adult, young adult

5-star reviews on Amazon
Listed among the top 100 titles in Amazon's "Family Poetry" category

March 2021

Covenant Books

Poems that Rocked the Cradle

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What Readers and Critics Say About Poems that Rocked the Cradle

5 stars

A Plethora of Poems that Take you to the Heart of the Matter!

"The author/poet of "Poems That Rocked The Cradle" has penned a plethora of poems that take you to the heart of the matter! This is one of the absolute BEST poetry books that I have ever read. Every single poem is award winning worthy. They will stir emotion for some, rock the cradle for others, and push the envelope off the table for all. There is a poem to speak to many of life's situations that can tug on heart strings and may even give someone wisdom and insight into how to handle a situation. This book is a must read and must have on your bookshelf. You will find yourself sharing these unforgettable poems with a friend or family member. I highly recommend this book."

— Pamela J.-W. (via Amazon)
5 stars

A Wonderful Journey Towards Happiness and Inner Peace Through Poetry

"Recent release "Poems That Rocked the Cradle" from Covenant Books author Issac Bolston takes readers on a beautiful walk of finding joy, clarity, and tranquility throughout a collection of poignant poetry."
— RecentDiscovery.com


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